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PuceMapping business processes and setting up a tool to monitor the activities of a major international finance and investment bank

  • Project management: definition of organization and macro processes, framing and follow-up of deployment throughout the world (Paris, New York, London, Asia zone)
  • Mapping of processes, risks and operational controls
  • Coherence of the processes and plans of inter-site checks, validation with the management and modeling in the tool
  • Conducting change with the operational teams, training users to use the web monitoring tool and post-go-live monitoring


PuceTo support the restructuring of the organization and the accounting IS of a large bank

  • Definition of the target organization of the accounting function in the group, detailing the principles of governance, the corresponding target SI architecture and the mutualization actions to be launched
  • Encryption of expected net gains and formalization of a Business Case of the project
  • Accompaniment to the implementation of this target among the different businesses of the Bank


PuceSupport to the transformation of the accounting function of a banking group into a CSP

  • Structuring reflection by conducting brainstorming workshops: analyzing the existing situation, structuring the target vision and defining the migration trajectory
  • Detail of the target vision: operating principles and quantitative and qualitative gains
  • Realization of the project’s business plan
  • Accompaniment until the integration of entities in the service platform: detailed process, service contract, internal invoicing principles.


PuceModeling the accounting synthesis processes in the framework of a project to pool the accounting sector of a major international bank

  • Clarifying and streamlining governance rules
  • Optimization of the accounting synthesis system, the various information systems and costs
  • Definition of operating principles and modeling of detailed processes
  • Drafting and implementing the SLA service contract, specifying the responsibilities and modes of operation between the various actors involved


PuceAssistance to the SOX compliance of a large French insurance company

  • Intervention with the Finance Department and the Technical Departments for the conduct of tests for the closure of the annual accounts
  • Analysis and tracking of accounting processes to aggregate and reduce the control plan


PuceFraming of an ERP project for the European entities of an insurance company

  • Identify the needs and processes impacted by the new financial information system
  • Study of the different market tools to select the most suitable
  • Design of the overall financial IS architecture
  • Realization of the functional specifications of the project
  • Realization of the project plan for the implementation of the ERP