While most international Corporates are exposed to currency risk, widespread misconceptions and limited in-house expertise often result in either ignoring the issue entirely or externalising its management to sales-incentivized third parties.

Yet, currency risk is far from being unavoidable – take your international operations to the next level by managing your FX exposure with the right strategy.

“DPC Asia Ltd empowers CEO and CFOs to identify their FX exposure and design adapted strategies with a simple and pragmatic approach”

Our expertise

Help you assess precisely your current FX Risk exposure with :

√ Financial Analysis of your operating and business model

√  Calculation of as-is Margins exposure to currency risk

√  Full-fledged review of your current hedging portfolio to cover the currency risk


Strategize with you the relevant Currency Risk Management through :

√ Design of a comprehensive exposure model based on your key exposure parameters

√ Building of a Dynamic hedging model and engineering of a monitoring process

√ Design of adapted response tactics (Sensitivity and Scenarios analysis, Stress Tests)


Implement the tools and methods to ensure continued Governance of the currency risk, via :

√ Deployment of tailored Dashboards including real-time currency movements, margin exposure and hedging possibilities

√ Recommendations on relevant system solutions and organizational changes

√ Hedging products training and bank pricing evaluation support

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