PuceTo support Investment steering process for a leading airport group

  • Following an IT organization and operations audit, completion of the inventory of the group investment projects portfolio, and analysis of the variances.
  • Submission of tracks leading to operational improvement related to decision-making processes, to project monitoring and management, and about investment projects steering indicators (selection and monitoring)


PuceTo assist with the definition of the SI Master Plan

  • Company’s current state analysis and evolution requested by the Information System according four axes (business, functional, application and technical)
  • Building up of the next Information System facing to the business and technologies transformations
  • Management plan statement writing (2-3 years plan) until the launch of the set of projects portfolio, keeping in mind the criteria of value and risks control.


PuceTo optimize the project portfolio for an estate organism

  • Governance and Projects portfolio content analysis, evolution, and IS maintenance
  • Identification of optimizations: selection of investments, proposal of arbitrages, optimization of workloads
  • Study of balancing scenarios combining the Organizational Capacity (workload / competence / duration …), and resources (financial, human, technical, logistics …)


PuceTo assist in the choice of a new Payroll and Human Resources Management system

  • Assistance in the needs statement writing up to match HR Information System needs for both processes and technologies (HR Portal, Time Management, …)
  • Drafting of specifications and assistance in the choose of the solution to steer both the company’s payroll and HR needs with a decentralized and digital approach