PuceLeading change management for digital projects

Collaborative tools are key to be more autonomous and reactive in sharing the benefits of digital innovation.


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Driving change within your organization

  • Accompany the inter-personal and organizational dimensions of your company throughout and beyond the digital transformation, with a tailored structure depending on the configuration of the project.
  • Support and strengthen commitment of all stakeholders during and after project implementation.
  • Provide trainings and customized coaching sessions dedicated to the integration and sharing of new methods, tools and processes stemming from the digital transformation.
  • Ensure active on-boarding and involvement of all functions and teams throughout your company : employee skills development, tailored and gradual communication.
  • Guide employees in setting up relevant monitoring and development of their performance.
  • Raise awareness among teams about the challenges of a digital strategy through workshops, serious games, e-learning and 2.0 HRIS tools.

Nurturing skill development among your teams

  • Use tools which allow to appraise the specific skill development needs of each employee.
  • Set up the Digital Dashboard Competencies Review (DDCR) to analyse and understand the expectations of employees, and define the relevant training plans to implement.

Our expertise in conducting change


Data Analysis

  • Corporations are changing to a more nomadic and collaborative structure. Remote employees and social business networks make the traditional (vertical) organization more agile, allowing everyone to interact in real time with all employees.
  • Digitalization tends to reduce hierarchical differences and improve access to information. The manager is no longer a mere guarantor of the spreading of knowledge but must position himself as the driver of projects.
  • The manager must now overcome the challenges of transformation while securing support different layers of the organization to achieve successful operational deployment of the strategy.

Collective intelligence and collaboration at the heart of digital successes

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  • Collective intelligence is the ability of a group to ask questions and seek answers together. Thus, it lays the foundations for a genuine common vision and embrace of company projects and policies, through which subsequent decisions are better thought, planned and carried out.
  • Digital innovation contribute to creating a new organization in which all stakeholders take part in projects with an entrepreneurial spirit – it empowers intrapreneurs.
  • Thanks to the emergence of a new category of collaborative tools such as corporate social networks, the manager has the opportunity to establish a more playful approach to work organization and to relationships with team members.
  • The manager has the ability to involve team members in tasks to which they had no access before. The goal is to transfer a certain amount of managerial decisions directly to employees (subsidiarity principle).