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PuceTo support a digital transformation project for a French gambling company

  • Website redesigning Project to create a dedicated institutional site and to make bet-taking be more user-friendly
  • Management of the site and redevelopment project in agile mode (steering comitee, , monitoring of changes)
  • Managing the development team in collaboration with the Product Owner of the marketing department
  • Management of the different phases of the project: specifications, software integration, acceptance tests , performance tests, data migration …


PuceTo deploy a Group Information System in the international subsidiaries of a telecom operator

  • Management of the project through a detailed planning highlighting the dependencies between actors and the different applications of the information system (in EMEA zone)
  • Communication of key information between the project technical management teams, the project design management teams, the business teams, and the teams of the software editor
  • Support to organize and facilitate the steering committees


PuceCost Control / IT Management Control

  • Definition of a cost and reference model (Activity Based Costing / Management, Time-Driven Activity-Based Costin …)
  • Assistance in the contracting the level of service with the trades, Information Systems customers (service catalog, Service Level Agreement / Management)
  • Definition of the recharge of costs policy


PuceTo assist with the design and the implementation of an HR management solution

  • Prior to the choice of the solution, define with the Executive and Human Ressource Direction the objectives and strategic stakes of the project and the expected key benefits
  • Support in the construction of dashboards, but also in the implementation of information and file sharing solutions throughout its global perimeter
  • Assistance to the Human Resources Department in its will to be a vector of strategic and operational communication into the company (HR Portal, HR Kiosk)