PuceSteering digital transformation

Measure your digital innovation’s impacts in order to size, quantify the expected gains and manage the transformation of your project, from ideation to realization.

Human resource management

Accompanying you through the digital transformation journey

  • Fostering stronger work relationships that will boost teams and help colleagues reach common target together.
  • Helping management lead teams thanks to targeted and transparent communications and innovative methodologies.
  • Guiding operations teams in their appropriation of digital transformation, whether it consists of new tools or new processes
  • Facilitating the digital transformation journey by reducing risks, improving the decision making process, and eliminating the stress induced by the transition

Goals of digital transformation steering


  • Confirming new business orientations, tracking your costs, your additional income, and anticipating your risks
  • Verifying the effectiveness of investments in digital projects
  • Benchmarking your digital strategy with competitors’


  • Verifying whether new services meet customer expectations
  • Determining the impact of new developments / major updates / new features


  • Assessing the adoption of digital tools/process through the organization
  • Helping employees improve their digital skills

Our expertise in steering digital transformation


Data Analysis

  • Measuring the performance of digital innovation enables the threefold validation of the adopted strategy, of the realized investment decisions, and of the business direction taken.
  • Digital innovation facilitates the tracking and reporting of variable costs through new, mostly quantitative indicators.
  • Transformation projects help the CIO evolve from a traditional vision of IT and systems management as a sub-contractor to a more proactive role of key business partner for the organisation.
  • Placing the board at the helm of digital evolution through an increased level of data interaction and responsiveness within the organization, which in turn enables an accelerated decision-making process.

Examples of past assignments

Private Banking Institution: Digitalisation and automation of the credit attribution process

  • We materialized efficiency gains through definition of standard analysis rules for eligible client requests
  • We drove automation, thus reducing lead times and manpower required to process requests, and fostering better client service
  • We measured the impact of transformation on the organization (governance, roles, costs & benefits)


Sports Betting Company: Agile steering of betting websites’ overhaul program

  • We created a single platform website enabling both data access and bet placement, without decommissioning pre-existing functions
  • We redesigned and streamlined the betting User Experience, reducing steps and friction in the path to purchase, leveraging a clarified single betting cart, releasing a rapid 2-click betting, etc.
  • We implemented an independent user account management platform, accessible from all games and betting universes