Innovation & Digital transformation

//Innovation & Digital transformation

Innovation & Digital transformation

Innovation & Digital Transformation

Tailored Business Support

From constructing business cases to measuring performance

Diagnosis & Roadmap

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conduite du changement


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PuceDigital Maturity Diagnosis & Roadmap Design

  • Assess the current maturity state and digital opportunities outlook
  • Benchmark against the industry and competition
  • Design or confirm Business Cases for digital transformation
  • Compile a clear digital transformation roadmap endorsed by all stakeholders

PuceDigital Transformation Steering

  • Ensure successful unfolding of corporate digital strategy
  • Align services with client expectations
  • Evaluate ongoing evolutions’ impact
  • Champion and nurture digital transformation

PuceDigital Projects Performance Measurement

  • Empower strategy committees & enable informed decisions with the right KPIs
  • Improve organizational efficiency
  • Publicize company transformation

PuceChange Management

  • Ensure successful unfolding of corporate digital strategy
  • Align services with client expectations
  • Evaluate ongoing evolutions’ impact
  • Champion and nurture digital transformation

In order to prevent digital transformation from being confined to siloed teams and risk failing to maximize its benefits for the company, both executive management and employees have to take active ownership of it.

Our vision

Data Analysis

  • Clear assessment of your company’s digital maturity state to confirm targets and build your development strategy on solid ground
  • Effective performance measurement of digital innovation to validate your strategy, budget allocation and business orientation
  • Mobile and collaborative organizational structures to nurture openness, transparency, and empower real-time communication within & across your teams
  • Stimulated entrepreneurial context to harness your employees’ creativity and motivation
  • Progressive and prioritized approach to ensure your transformation progresses smoothly and successfully

Success Stories

Fast Fashion Group: Design of the digital strategy

  • We organized and fuelled Digital transformation brainstorming sessions
  • We compiled a company digitalization outlook with the Executive Committee
  • We defined the digital strategy’s major pillars

Private Banking Institution: Digitalisation and automation of the credit attribution process

  • We materialized efficiency gains through definition of standard analysis rules for eligible client requests
  • We drove automation, thus reducing lead times and manpower required to process requests, and fostering better client service
  • We measured the impact of transformation on the organization (governance, roles, costs & benefits)

Sports Betting Company: Agile steering of betting websites’ overhaul program

  • We created a single platform website enabling both data access and bet placement, without decommissioning pre-existing functions
  • We redesigned and streamlined the betting User Experience, reducing steps and friction in the path to purchase, leveraging a clarified single betting cart, releasing a rapid 2-click betting, etc.
  • We implemented an independent user account management platform, accessible from all games and betting universes

Pharmaceutical Laboratory: Medical Information System creation for substitute GPs

  • We managed the Information System project, thus boosting innovation, enabling transparency, and furthering efficiency and adaptability in the medical data transmission process
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