Real Estate

Externalization, financialization, valuation… Real Estate management dramatically changed in the recent years. All parties witnessed its transformation, including investors, property managers, landlords or users:

  • Real Estate function,
  • Property management
  • Asset Managers,
  • Lessors,
  • Property developers,
  • Property/Facility Managers

ImmobilierPuceOur expertise in ‘Real Estate’

We define and implement masterplans for the real estate function

We bring the real estate function into the company-wide IT transformation masterplan

We assess and optimize revenue management

We professionalize property management within corporations

⪧ Establishing technical and financial scenarios to assess how to best adapt property ownership & use, using our expertise in real estate management

⪧ Assisting in the implementation of decisions and in tool deployment, and associated process updates


⪧ Assessing the scope and details of the enhancements necessary to meet the strategic objectives of the company

⪧ Defining action plans to enhance processes and property management it systems

⪧ Generating propositions to improve or change the current practice to meet the best performers of the market


Based on the multiple technical, legal or financial audits we carried out on tenancy agreements and on property management tools, we specialize in implementing:

⪧ Efficient and rational tenancy management tools

⪧ Relevant performance indicators, which enable you to steer and challenge tenancy agreements


⪧ Helping management set up goals to professionalize the real estate function in non real estate companies

⪧ Creating a skills matrix of the workforce, and defining an skills improvement plan

⪧ Putting training strategies into action and following up on the skills progression among the workforce

⪧ Developing tools and best practices, and ensuring that they are circulated within the organization

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“The real estate function lies at the junction between strategic, financial and management matters, and should take the opportunity to add value.

There are many actionable items among the following topics: IT systems, project masterplans, performance indicators, professionalization of the function, general management, …

Past assignments

Professionalization of the real estate function in a large firm

  • Reorganizing the real estate department with the associated change management topics
  • Compounding and sharing of best practices among all stakeholders, implementing synergies pushing forward new transversal processes; assisting in the daily use of relevant tools.
  • Implementing measures to increase the engagement of the workforce (workshops, co-development, trainings…)


Definition and implementation of a strategic masterplan for the real estate function of a large international bank

  • Integrating the latest tactical orientations of the bank into the real estate function’s strategyIdentifying needs for front, middle and back offices, and measuring their contribution to the bank’s strategy
  • Helping the real estate function prioritize its immediate needs
  • Identifying constraints along the transformation and calculating gains
  • Proposing a target operating model and a roadmap for implementation
  • Accompanying the transformation from inception to delivery


Implementation of an accounting tool for shares in property funds in the real estate division of an major insurer

  • Standardizing processes and accounting methodologies for real estate fund shares
  • Encompassing local accounting & taxation specificities
  • Advising on how to best adapt processes and use a centralized accounting tool


Redesign of the IT systems in the real estate division of an international retailer

  • Steering the transformation of IT systems
  • Bringing our expertise in process re-engineering and in the definition of requirements for the function (development, construction, property management, maintenance, blueprint management, property projects management)
  • Helping our client select the best solution, and creating a roadmap for the implementation