PuceTo assist in the frame and implementation of the professionalize plan of the Real Estate department of an Industrial Energy Group

  • Definition of a professionalization plan for the real estate function for the three categories of DIL employees (head of regional agency, regional collaborators, collaborators of the central functions) and to estimate the overall cost of the project over the next 2 years .
  • Selection of the training organism to take in charge of the implementation of the professionalization plan.
  • Mapping of the technical and managerial skills of the employees and draft of the job descritption of the employees of the real estate industry.
  • Assistance in the operational implementation of the professionalization plan.


PuceTo set the frame and the implementation of an IT master plan into the real estate subsidiary of an international banking group

  • Integration of the Group’s strategic orientations
  • Identification of front-office, middle and back-office needs and measurement of their contribution to the company’s strategy
  • Prioritization of business needs
  • Identification of constraints and measurement of project gains
  • Proposed Target Architecture and Implementation Action Plan
  • Support of the project manager from conception to delivery


PuceTo attune the Europe “property manager” reporting within an asset management company

  • Analysis of reporting requirements at the level of each European subsidiary
  • Design of a common template and glossary


PuceImplementation of a real estate fund management and accounting system for the real estate subsidiary of an insurance company

  • Unification of accounting processes and methods for the management of European real estate funds
  • Taking into account local tax specificities
  • Process adaptation recommendations and a centralized accounting tool